Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Review: Ouroboros-Ben Newman

When asked to talk about his breakthrough UK talent anthology Solipsistic Pop, Tom Humberstone fondly recalled people congratulating him on getting the smell right, something Humberstone had put great effort into. There may be some of you out there who think I'm a bit weird, but I love the smell of books, especially that new book smell, and the first thing I can say about Bristol illustrator Ben Newman's comic debut is that it satisfies my nostrils. Thankfully the books pleasure doesn't end there. Ourobouros is a 24 page silent slapstick comedy adventure printed in a bold three colour design that reminds me of Jazz album cover artist Jim Flora as well as The Powerpuff Girls. Less subtle than the silent work of Jason (and thankfully less pretentious) Ouroboros is a lovely little package that falls on the right side of kitsch with it's nod to 50's sci-fi and cartoons. Probably the least twee book in this mini comic series as well.

Ben Newman's site is here and Nobrow is here.

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