Thursday, 25 March 2010

Book cover of the week

I came across this little beauty in Oxfam although it has been on my Amazon wishlist for quite some time. Penguin always being at the forefront of good design decided to recruit a host of fantastic comic book artists to design the covers for their deluxe classics range. So we get Charles Burn's cover for Upton Sinclair's The Jungle, Chris Ware tackling Candide, Tony Millionaire taking on his big white whale etc. And then there's this.

Anders Nilsen is an alternative comic artist known for a lot of abstract work, including book lenght abstract monologues, and experiments in shapes, such as The End, Dogs and water, and Monologues of the coming plague.

His cover for Hans Christian Anderson's Fairy Tales is so textured, so economic and elegant with its use of line and shading, that I decided to scan in the details of the back page and the book ends just to give you an idea of how perfect the whole package is.

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