Sunday, 7 February 2010


Welcome to my blog, a (hopeful) haven for all things weird and wonderful in the world of comics, cartoons, graphic novels, animation, illustration, book design etc. Bringing you profiles of artists from around the world, reviews, news, interviews, links and lists galore (in a horrible Nick Hornbyesque top 10 fashion nonetheless).

I've been into comics for about four years now (I rediscovered them in their adult form through watching the film American Splendor), and it's got to the point now where a hobby has turned into an obsession. I haven't got to the stage where I'm backing comics with card and wrapping them up never to be read, but I have considered paying fifty pounds for a copy of the Comix 2000 anthology published by L'association, and I have also thought about buying a different edition of a novel I already own just because the cover of this edition was done by Chris Ware, so I guess I probably am beyond help.

The type of comics and artists I'll mainly be focusing on fall somewhere under the 'alternative' and 'underground' labels but I'll be looking at some classics as well. (I may even end up reviewing everything I read, even if it's been out for quite a long time).

If you think you may have something of interest for me to consider for the blog, you have any comments to make on the blog, or you just wish to share your obsession, I'd love to hear from you. Email me at

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