Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Animation of the week: The Seperation-Robert Morgan)

Ok so Robert Morgan very clearly wears his influences on his sleeve here (Brothers Quay, Jan Svankmajer, bolexbrothers) but when the result is as good as this who am I to complain. This is a creepy, atmospheric, and well paced (the movements are incredibly smooth but don't suffer being Disneyfied because of this) tale of two separated conjoined twins who can't bear to be apart. A particularly nice touch is the gloss of sweat on their aged faces that really makes them believable despite the slightly fantastic plot line. The set pieces and lighting are also gorgeous reminding me of an even more sinister Blade Runner or perhaps Brazil. Watch it here.

I originally found this recommendation through master of comic book/movie sleaze Rick Trembles and the Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal (which looks fantastic, and where Rick Trembles has his own animation film Goopy Spasms debuting).

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