Sunday, 8 May 2011

Steve Bell Royal Wedding Mug

The one piece of royal wedding memorabilia I would have wanted to own would have been this royal wedding mug from Guardian political cartoonist Steve Bell, but unfortunately due to it being a very limited edition print of 50, it is now completely sold out, and there will be no more made.

Featuring his now trademark condom-on-head David Cameron and a very unusual cross breed of pig/arse face/unicorn/George Osbourne. You can watch a brief video with Steve Bell talking about the royal wedding here, braving the rain to get his first glimpse of the royal couple here, and about his mugs here.

Also, if the royal had been anything like this I would have definitely watched it.

In other news if you happen to live in or around Bristol Steve Bell is giving a talk at the Arnolfini as part of the Bristol Festival Ideas on Saturday the 21st of May at 12.30pm. Tickets are £7 (£5 for students, OAPS etc) and are available here.


  1. hello carlo here! and still steve was my favorite cartoonist! no matter how or what!

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