Thursday, 8 July 2010

Comica Social Club

I recently went down to London to take part in a monthly social get together and networking event for comic lovers, writers, artists etc called Comica Social Club run by Paul Gravett and Peter Stanbury (who between them organise a whole host of exciting comic events under the banner of Comica, which are well worth attending). Held on the last Thursday of every month at the Royal Festival Hall Bar in London (next to the Southbank Centre) the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed and you are encouraged to bring along examples of your work to show to everyone. It's a great chance to let off steam about comics and make friends with some like minded people, like children's author/illustrator. Whilst I was in London I also got a chance to see Gerald Scarfe give a witty and informative talk at Tate Britain and check out the Comica Argentina exhibit, which acted as a nice introduction to some great work.

Check out the groups for both the Comica events and the Social club here and here, and the main Comica website here.

The next Comica event of note is the Hypercomics exhibition to be held at Pumphouse Gallery in London's Battersea Park between August the 11th and September 26th which will feature the work of Dave McKean,, Warren Pleece, Adam Dant, and Daniel Merlin Goodbrey.


  1. "you are encouraged to bring along examples of your work to show to everyone" next time i must bring along my finished work rather than my embarrassing sketchbook hehe.

  2. ditto, im probably going to skip this month and come for the august one hopefully with a finished issue of a comic done