Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Nova Doba Festival

All the way in Belgrave Serbia there took place an amazing looking comics festival at the beginning of June which not only showcased some fantastic lesser known Serbian talent (click here for an earlier blog entry I did on one particular Serbian artist) but a whole host of interesting talent from Eastern European and Nordic countries such as Croatia, Norway, Sweden, Slovania etc. By the looks of some of the photos posted up on Facebook the festival looked like an intimate and thriving affair with workshops, screenings, music, and much more. It also played host to some forminable comic collectives, anthologies, and publishers as Komikaze, Stripburger, Turbo Comix, and Le Dernier Cri and boasted some well designed posters and decoration to boost.

Oh well, maybe next year...
(Check out the translated webpage here.)

Also check out Crack a great looking festival that has just passed in Rome.

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